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Product DescriptionA 3-D epic that blends fast-paced action and magnificent visuals unique to console gaming. Featuring the uncompromising hero who made his magical debut in 1995, Rayman delivers an unprecedented 3-D performance guaranteed to set new standards of challenge in the action arena. With terrifying moves and daring talent, Rayman navigates through 45 areas set across 13 magical environments in order to preserve his kingdom from a band of unscrupulous ReviewTransferred from the 2-D platform that we all knew and loved, Rayman 2 has successfully managed to make the transition to the realms of 3-D. Although offering no great leaps in the gameplaying world, it's nice to see a fun game that satisfies the small child in all of us.The challenge of the game is your standard 3-D platform idea. You play the infamous Rayman, who has been imprisoned by the Robo-Priates who have captured and enslaved your world. Your task, with the help of your friends, is to escape and save the planet through a series of puzzles and levels.The feel of this game is strange, as there are no new elements, and you possess the usual armoury of weapons. The genre isn't new either and at times you can see the combined forces of games such as Crash Bandicoot, Sonic and Mario all at work. But Rayman 2 manages to pull off the amazing feat of actually being a great game, and although you've seen it all before you can't help but play on.Everything has a lovely sheen in this game. The graphics are great, and boast details that Disney would be proud of. Everybody from Rayman's best friend Globox to the weird and wonderful Teensies all have their part to play as you go on your journey offering plenty of light comedy moments and you can't help but laugh when they begin to talk in some nonsense language only for Rayman to shout "Yahoo" at the end of everything.We have already seen games like this many times before, but this one has such an appealing gloss that you end up with a game that is better to play and beats its competitors. If you fancy the idea of sitting down to some addictive innocent fun then Rayman 2 is perfect for both children and adults alike.--Stuart Miles

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