PS3 - NCAA Football 09 (US Import) (NEU & OVP)

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NCAA Football 09 für PS3 - Wie schlägst du dich als Quarterback?


  • Wide open and authentic college style gameplay
  • College atmosphere and pageantry plus the all-new Mascot Mode
  • Home Field Advantage with new mini-game components
  • Improved recruiting system in Dynasty mode
  • Online capable and up to 4 players

Whether you’re at the helm of a collegiate powerhouse in Dynasty mode or dominating the action with the easy-to-use control system in all-new EA SPORTS Family Play, life on the college gridiron jumps to life like never before with NCAA Football 09. Challenge friends and family on an even playing field and call your favorite plays from a simplified playbook, then take your game to the next level by delivering big hits with the help of all-new action icons. You can even field two teams of mascots in the hilarious Battle of the Mascots mode. With arcade-influenced gameplay bringing out all the fun and excitement of Big Play Saturday, and the accessibility of EA SPORTS Family Play, it’s never been easier to pick up and play NCAA Football 09. An all-new Wii-exclusive moves system featuring simplified Wii Remote-based controls makes NCAA Football 09 the most accessible college football game ever. Call plays on both sides of the ball using a simplified playbook featuring 40+ plays or call plays like a pro with the full playbook. When the pressure gets to be too much, hand things over to your head coach and have him call the plays for you. All-new action icons tell you when to tackle, evade defenders, swat the ball on passing plays, and more—all while the play is playing out. A fun, arcade-style presentation throws you into the action faster than ever. With the removal of non-interactive scenes, gameplay begins at the line of scrimmage, and players can join a game on the fly with a press of a button. Hype the crowd with user-controlled celebrations to gain a momentum boost, or taunt friends and rivals after every big score. 

Wie schlägst du dich als Quarterback? NCAA Football 09 für PS3

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